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Ulrich Lemmens from Balen

1st National Tulle 6974 Yearlings
Fastest Against 14,307 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Tulle was the last long distance race of the season. The fastest yearling was one of  Ulrich Lemmens from Balen. He clocked his yearling hen, the 6036013/2012 Jozefien at 16.46 at a distance of 673km and a speed of 1442m/min. This was good to win a 1st national against 6974 yrl and also the fastest against 14307 pigeons.

Ulrich doesn’t only win 1st national yearlings but in the province of Antwerp, he also wins 1st prov. against 638 old birds, 3rd national against 7333 p and his second yearling wins 3 prov. against  847p. This season, he already won 5x top 10 national among which 2 super hens that he received from Ivo Renders.

For 365 days a year, Ulrich lives for his pigeons and he always tries to get the maximum out of it.  Of course this wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t get the support of his girl friend Kim and his parents Jozef and Greet.

Tulle prov 638 old : 1,18,35,...4/4
Tulle prov 847 yrl : 1,3,11,20,22,26,29,53,56,59,67,..18/27

By the announcements this should be the national result:

Tulle Nat 7333 old : 3,...
Tulle Nat 6974 yrl : 1,9,33,...

The System of the Racing Team

The racing team of old and yearling birds counted about 80 pigeons this year. For the first time, he used the total widowhood but because he had more hens than cocks, 10 hens were played by the classical widowhood and paired to steady partners.

They had been together from the last race of the previous season till the end of January  and they received his own mixture Moulting Mix and sometimes Flüssig Tee of Backs in the drinking water. Afterwards, the training restarted and he drove them at short distances. Rather soon, the birds already started to train 2 - 3 hours, so the basic condition was good. Nevertheless, I tried to slow them down, by letting them train every 2 or 3 days. Then he drove them twice at 30km and in one weekend they did Laon and Chimay.

The preparation wasn’t as it should have been because of the bad weather in Spring but he still made sure that they had enough kilometres in their wings by extra training flights of 30km on Tuesday and if it was possible, another midweek race of 145 km on Wednesday. 3 weeks before Bourges I, they spend 2 nights together, so they could form some pairs.

Intense Training

At the beginning of the season, he always tries to start rather firm because then the base of the coming season is formed. He doesn’t force anything but they have to train twice a day for 1,5 till 2 hours. As soon as the season starts, the training is lowered down. He always looks how they return and which flights are coming the following week.

Ulrich never plans at the beginning of the season, which races they have to do. But one thing’s for sure, they don’t get a lot of rest here. Even if they did a long distance race, they have to do Soissons or Laon in between. For example, the old birds did  Bourges, Limoges, Cahors, Montauban and Souillac and between Souillac and Tulle, they did 2x Laon and 1x Momignies. The yearling hens, raced the first series of 7 national races, except Poitiers. At that moment they did Soissons and between La Souterraine and Tulle; 2x Laon and 2x Momignies. 

During the Week

The loft is build in L-form and in front of each compartment, there’s an open aviary, which is only open at the front. During the day, the widowers can chose if they stay inside or in the aviary. The hens are always locked inside at night and during the day they have to stay in the aviary to keep them from pairing.


Before basketing, the partners are always shown for half an hour they can do what they want. Before the basketing for Tulle, he even put some extra hens on the loft to make them more jealous and it seemed to have worked. After the pigeons return home, they always stay together till Sunday morning when they are released on Saturday and then they get an extra training of 30km before they’re separated.

6036013/2012 Jozefien Cheq.white feather hen breed by Ronny Faes and named after his dad Jozef
1 Nat Tulle 6974p and fastest against 14307p

Results 2012-2013

   1 Tulle '13
   1 "   " prov               847p
   1 "   " Nat Zone C1
   1 "   " Nat               6974p
   1 "   " fastest against     14307p
   2 Soissons '13             426p
  10 La Souterraine '13       174p
  15 Nanteuil '12             371p
  21 Nanteuil '12             235p
 191 Argenton II Nat C '12   6630p
 424 La Souterraine Nat '12 19155p
 753 Chateauroux Nat '13    19691p
1144 Bourges I Nat '13      13588p
1324 Gueret Nat '12         16988p
2007 Argenton Nat '13       22463p

Sire 6327883/2011 F.B.I Son Top breeder Gust. He’s fatehr of 499/12 5 Nanteuil 356p and 574/13 4 Momignies 965p, 29 Momignies 470p and 46 Laon 1231p

Gr.S. 6087309/2006 The Gust Super racer with 1 Nat C Limoges and 1 prov Bourges. Super breeder and father Thor 6x 1ier,  Unlucky Gust 78 Nat Brive and grandfather Kenji's Best. Son 595/01 Ongeringde L & F Rondags x 635/03 Leonie U Lemmens
Gr.D. 6087307/2006 Abba 3 Nat Ace-pig Duivenkrant won 1 Laon, 2 prov Vierzon, 4 Chateauroux 290p, 4 La Souterraine 153p, 4 Le Mans 153p, 11 Bourges 505p. Daughter 677/03 Ulvaeus 1 Ace-pig MD Limburg L & F Rondags x 070/02 Agnetha L & F Rondags

Dam 6195316/2010 Mother Jozefien Ronny Faes won 15 prov Limoges 1160p

Gr.S. 5079269/2001 Top breeder R Faes
Gr.D. 6239790/2008 Best racing hen Faes / Wils. Daughter 875/04 Hooyberghs Brothers x 815/06

The 0634/11/495 wins 3rd National Tulle 7333 old

Results 2011-2013

   1 Tulle '13
   1 "   " prov               638p
   3 "   " Nat               7333p
   6 Pithiviers '12           294p
  10 Soissons '12             319p
  12 Momignies '13            595p
  14 Pithiviers '12           303p
  14 Bourges '11              161p
  15 Nanteuil '12             200p
  16 Laon '13                 219p
  20 Cahors Nat '13          8570p
  20 Marne '11                631p
  22 Nevers '11               300p
  31 Soissons '12             653p
  43 Bourges I '12            576p
  57 Montauban prov '13       645p
 184 Limoges Nat C '12       4264p
 230 La Souterraine Nat '12  4699p
1100 La Souterraine Nat '11 16665p

Sire NL 2020963/2008 Dwight Pieter Veenstra. Brother Yasmine 7 NPO Strombeek 11954p

Gr.S. NL 5340887/2003 Brother Da Vinci Grandson Kleine Dirk Koopman. Son NL 505/99 Dirky x NL 178/00 Daughter Phoenix
Gr.D. NL 5340930/2003 Diamonds Promise. Daughter NL 904/99 Gladiator 1 Nat Ace-pig WHZB '02 x 744/96 Diamond Lady Super breeding hen Daughter Kannibaal D Van Dijck and mother super breeder Kleine Dirk

Dam 6352884/2009 Dream Girl Jos and Jules Engels

Gr.S. 6110235/2007 The 235 Half-brother Argenton 1 Nat Argenton and 1 prov Orléans. Son 734/99 father Argenton x 050/05 Inbreed 231/86
Gr.D. 6221222/2005 Laatje 2006. Daughter 178/94 son 231/86 x 800/02 Daughter Dikken and Gueretje 1 Nat Gueret

The Food and the Medical Guidance

After a national race, the pigeons get purified with pre-flight food. During the week the food becomes richer with Overload till basketing. 5 times a day they get some food, not too much but always little bits. Before and after training, they get some little stones, candy seeds or sunflower seeds.

For the medical guidance, he has complete confidence in the vet Raf Herbots from Velm. Ulrich wants to thank him for his professional advice. Important here is that they leave full of energy and when they arrive back home, they have to recover as fast as possible. That’s why they always get, the day of basketing, CMK of Brockamp and Belgasol of De Weerd in the drinking water. At their arrival, they get Backs Proteïn Plus and Recup of Koehoorn.
Between La Souterraine and Tulle, they received every day red beet juice and the last week Extra Forme with condition powder of Raf Herbots over the food.

It’s also important here to have a close relation with other fanciers and so every decision is discussed about with Bart Geerinckx and Bart Van Oeckel.

Before basketin, he puts some Fucithalmic in their eyes and a yellow drop of Koehoorn in their beak.

Before the season, the pigeons were cured for 10 days with a product of Raf and they were vaccinated against paramyxo, pocks and herpes. 

Best Results 2013

01.05 Momignies 661p : 4,5,6,12,...49/59
04.05 Melun 951 yrl : 8,9,10,19,...29/60
18.05 Soissons 426 yrl : 1,2,9,12,14,...29/51
25.05 Bourges prov 2658 yrl : 2,76,82,123,...17/28
01.06 Chateauroux prov 2647 yrl : 16,35,42,98,...31/40
      Limoges prov 1160 old : 48,133,...3/3
08.06 Soissons 279 yrl : 1,2,16,...26/43
15.06 Montlucon prov 2892 yrl : 3,10,16,30,32,51,90,99,...
      Cahors prov 721 old : 2,...2/4
30.06 Argenton prov 2768 yrl : 10,12,49,79,208,242,...16/23
      Argenton Nat Zone C1 4706 yrl : 10,13,78,142,379,
      Argenton Nat 22463 yrl : 23,27,142,244,723,854,1745,
      Agen prov 672 old : 21 1/1
13.07 Laon 1231 youngsters : 4,6,8,44,46,47,48,76,83,87,100,101,
17.07 Momignies 965 youngsters : 4,4,4,4,8,9,42,45,47,52,82,83,84,
      Brive Nat Zone C1 1900 yrl : 21,41,54,57,76,126,...
      Brive Nat Zone C1 2693 old : 57,...2/3



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