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Victor and Jens Goovaerts

1st National Argenton 22,428 Yearlings
Fastest Against 38,791 Pigeons

by Stefan Mertens


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Winning Bird

Eye of Winner

Inside the Loft

Wing of Winner

Beerzel: With a delay of one day, the 38.791 Argenton racers were released on Sunday at 8 a.m.. Argenton has been done under perfect conditions and the national top-pigeons raced at a speed of more than 1.450 m/m. The national winner yearlings and also the fastest of them all, was the grey hen of Victor and Jens Goovaerts from Beerzel in the province of Antwerp. Victor (Jens is on holiday in France and so he missed their national victory) clocked his winning hen at a speed of 1451.04 m/m. Second were Premier-Van Tilburg (Baarle-Hertog 1447.72 m/m) and the 3rd place was for Van Hove-Uytterhoeven (Putte -1446.54 m/m) terug.

The name of Goovaerts is certainly not unknown in the international pigeon sport. It all started with the results of the pigeons of Victor’s brother; Jozef Goovaerts also known as the “kaasboer”. Not only his results of Jozef but most of all the breeding value of the famous “Kaasboer” with Gaston Van de Wouwer, made the name and the pigeons of Jozef Goovaerts world famous.

But let’s go back to the national victory of Victor and his grandson Jens Goovaerts. Victor starts his story: “During my childhood, I put my first steps on the pigeon loft, a hobby that I practiced till 1992. That was the year when I quit the sport to start ringin the bike. In 2001, my brother in law, who also was my neighbour, got very sick and he asked if I wanted to take care of his pigeons. No problem at all…again I got in contact with the sport and one thing brings another. When my brother in law died in 2002, I took over his colony….a new start in the pigeon sport. My first pigeons were those of my brother in law (among which white and grey birds) and these were reinforced by pigeons of Geert Lambrecht, Scheers-Lodewijckx, Marcel Put and of some fancier friends.  Since 2010, my grandson joined me on the loft. Jens, who does shot-put is very interested in the pigeons but he doesn’t have enough time to enjoy it. That’s the reason why the combination of grandfather with grandson is ideal to both of us. The first years, we put our birds in the basket every week on the short distances but the last few years, we prefer the middle and the heavy middle distance. In 2011, our name appeared 17 x at the top of the result. Last season, we succeeded with 21 x 1e among which the highlight 1st Provincial Orleans 10.163 youngsters (fastest against 16.615p.). As well that provincial winning hen as this national winner are both grey hens.

Victor and Jens have a racing team of 15 cocks and 12 hens, which are played on widowhood (the partner stays at home). Just like the 12 breeding pairs, also the racers were paired at the end of November. They could raise a couple of youngsters and immediately after, the widowhood started. Victor: “The pigeons, as well the cocks as the hens, can stay on their racing loft all year long. Sometimes in winter, I let them together with their partners. We never pair them a second time and as soon as the short distances start, I go and put them in. Of course, it all depends on the weather and I don’t take any risks in spring.

The hens have to leave every week while the cocks have to race every two weeks. The programme here is that I try to choose between the nationals, the middle distance and the short races. The hens have to do maximum 2 nationals in a row and their third race is a short or a middle distance. I always observe them well: how are they, how did they do on the previous race, all this is very important.”

Victor: “Normally, my hens train twice a day but these last two weeks, they only trained once a day. The reason?  Well, they didn’t train enough. When I let them out, they left for some minutes and returned and they waited by the entrance to get inside.  That’s when I decided to let them train only once a day.  At that moment, they started to leave longer and better around the loft.

He feeds them like many among us; light at the beginning of the week and richer food closer to the day of basketing. The by-products he prefers are beer yeast, vitamins de, etc. mixed with the food or in the drinking water.

Before the season, he consults the vet and he does what the doctor tells him to do. During the season, he regularly cures against cancer and last week he cured for 4 days against ornithoses with a product of the vet.

If we say so ourselves … “this hen is a darling”….a lady that starts sweeping her tail when you only look at her. Victor: “I didn’t motivate her specially, just like always, she received her cock before basketing for about 15 minutes. Her arrival was perfect, straight from the right direction and she didn’t loose a second. “
The future of this national winning hen is elsewhere because thanks to the Herbots team, this hen is sold.

Victor and Jens, congratulations!

Stefan Mertens


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