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Walter Lepever

1st National Souillac 7,756 Birds - Fastest of 17,068

by Stefan Mertens


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Head of the winner

Winner's wing

Lepever's Lofts

Tulle... 10 years ago


Eppegem: With the national race from Tulle we had the last national race for old birds on the long distance. What goes a racing season fast! With 6.817 old and 10.251 year birds the organizer Télévie could count on a lot of participants.

The fastest of all birds was “Orca” from Walter Lepever. With a velocity of 1.547 m/m he won this races by far.

2O years ago

Ofcourse we met a very happy Walter and Christiaene Lepever when we rang the house bell. “Just counted 20 years ago, with a difference of only a few days, it was the last time that I basketted for Tulle “ starts Walter his story “then I won 3rd, 6th and 25th national. It were the “Chateauroux”, “Pedro” and “Blacky” who were responsible for this top result. A race I will never forget.

In 1996 I won the 1st national Bourges and in 1999 I clocked the 2nd national Bourges and in 1998 I won the 3rd national Bourges. But this victory is together with the national victory of Bourges the highlight of my pigeon career.

People asked me if “Orca” was especially motivated…well to be honest…yes. About two weeks ago, I made already a first selection on my widowers loft and some widowers which did not perform well were already taken away from the loft. By doing this I created some free places and “Orca” took some new places. He saw his change to become the boss of the floor and super motivated he went to Tulle. When a pigeon is so motivated as “Orca”, there are two possibilities…or he wins top or he fails his prize. Lucky for me “Orca” took the right direction and won this national race. He was also the fastest of more than 17,000 birds.”


Walter “you can certainly classify my loft by the fanciers who race only with widowers. I do not race with hens and the young birds are only well trained. Before I only let my young birds fly some short distance races but experience learned me that young birds need to do more the road than just some short distance races. Since a few years my young birds fly some 400km races and that is ideal.

I started the racing season with a group of 28 widowers, but now there are only 17 left. The widowers were coupled begin of December. They bred a couple of youngsters and when the babies were big enough everything was separated. A second coupling was mad on the 20th of March. After a 5 days brood the cocks are on widowhood. The widowers are raced on the races between 500km and 700km. They are in an 3-week system. This means 2 races in two weeks and then 1 week rest and then again 2 weeks after each other a race.

I feed the mixtures of the brand Matador. On medical level I consult on very regular base a specialized vet. His advices are always strictly followed. My wife and me love for clean loves. Every day we clean twice a day all the lofts. We are convinced that if it is very clean on the lofts you will avoid a lot of problems on medical level.

The base of our loft are pigeons of Houben Luc, Michiel Van Doninck, Johan Vandewijngaert, Patrick en Rene Vervloesem, Edouard Moons, Cleirbaut Chris and de Mesmaecker Clament.

Walter and Christiaene…this victory is certainly the result of all your efforts to succeed. Enjoy your national victory.



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