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Ed Minvielle’s Fort Sutter Auction List Live and On I-Pigeon 1/25/14


Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club
(from Siegel’s Pigeon Supplies, Jeanerette, LA

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Where: The Fort Sutter Clubhouse
3235 23rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820

The members of the Fort Sutter R. P. Club are thrilled to have Ed Minvielle, internationally known and respected pigeon fancier from Jeanerette, LA, coming to Sacramento, California for a great auction of outstanding pigeons. Ed, well-known owner of Siegel & Son Pigeon Supplies is excited to hold his first national auction of its kind with a great group of birds from the tremendous families he acquired from throughout the world. The birds in this spectacular auction will be displayed for live bidding at the FSC clubhouse on Saturday January 25, 2014 and on line for bids during the two weeks prior to the auction and live during the auction at This auction should not to be missed!

There will be birds available from all of his internationally known strains and from fanciers know around the world including a who’s who’s in the racing pigeon world including: Janssen, Armand Zazueta, DeRauw Sablon, Mike Cortez Chocalate Bar Pair (Perseus & Andromeda), Vernazzas, Debieve, Colin Walker Janssens (Australia), Musketiers, Schellen, Frank Link Jr. DeVriendts, Huysken Van Riel, Musketier, Vervoort, Line bred Jozef Boeman, Simon Family Janssens, Houben, Roland Gutierrez & Dean Ledet ┬áBertie Camphius Janssens, Jim Calia, and others. These birds are responsible for much success in California and in other parts of the world.


Birds on display: 9:30 a.m.

Auction: 11:00 PST

Lunch to follow

Pedigrees: Fort Sutter website bids to start On-line approximately

January 11, 2014

Phone in proxy bids due 1/24/14 to (916) 847 1904 or auction day, Saturday 1/25/14 by 10:30 a.m. PST
Email bids due 1/24/14:

Fax bids (due 1/24/24) (916) 791-2040

For specific information on any of the birds contact Ed Manville at Siegel’s: 1-800-437-4436.
For auction information contact Frank Meder (916) 847-1904.

Directions: (Clubhouse phone is (916) 452-2582 if lost!!!)
Off Highway 99, take the 12th Ave. off-ramp, go west to Franklin Blvd. South to 23rd Ave., turn east to clubhouse.

Birds purchased at this auction may be charged to your VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER CARD

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the City of Hope, Junior Flyers, and the CSRPO Scholarship Fund.

A detailed description of the thirty-two outstanding pigeons that will be auctioned on Saturday, January 25, 2014 is on the reverse of this sheet and on both sides of the second sheet. For any other information of these birds, please call Ed Minvielle at 1-800-437-4436.

Successful bidders may elect to have their birds shipped anywhere in the United States for a nominal fee. Birds will be shipped by USPO in approved shipping containers.


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1. AU 13 A 13441 BC hen.  Full sister to “Just Call Me Ed” the bird that Joyce Stierlin flew in Califorina and was 1st Ace Long Distance and 2nd Ace All Distance in all California in the 2013 Old Bird season.  Sire is a son of “EC 55” full sister to “Andromeda.”  Dam is 100% Colin Walker Janssen.  These birds are strong in the hand, with great muscle and obvious staying power.  


2. AU 12 A 12405 BC hen.  Debieve.  South Africa Blood. This is a magnificent hen!  She just oozes with class.  Very muscular with dark, almost chestnut eyes.  Strong frame, tight vents.  Her sire is “Dark Africa” half brother to Jeff Smith’s 1st Sun City South Africa winner ($226,000.00.) She is linebred to the good Debieve cocks “Cote D’Arm” and his full brother “Mr. South Africa.” Very good Debieve futurity blood here.  


3. AU 13 A 13541 Bwft Cock.  This is a double grandson of one of my top Zazueta Vernazza stock hens, the hen of the Diamond Pair, “Z-Nymph.”  I found, after almost 13 years of having the Zazueta Vernazza birds, that anything that traced back to a bird Armand called “Super Z” was giving top results.  “Z-Nymph” was a double grand-daughter to “Super Z” and this young cock is a double grandson of “Z-Nymph” so there is an awful lot of “Super Z” in this pigeon.  One other tid-bit.  My foundation cocks “Vegas Trouble” and “Double Jeopardy” are the two grandsires.  Armand Zazueta and Hank Vernazza would both have been proud of this pigeon.  


4. AU 12 A 12702 BB H. DeRauw Sablon.  Line-bred “Albert” and “Paola.” This is a super little hen directly out of my “Smallen II” when he was paired to a hen that my friends Dean Ledet and Roland Guitierrez purchased from the  Flanders Connection called “Little Paola” a direct daughter of the super breeder cock “736”.  If you are looking for a super hen, linebred to the very best of the De Rauw Sablon foundation pair, take a long look at this one.  She is very special, and this blood has been blending fantastically with my Schellen Van Riel/Musketiers for one proven cross.  


5. AU 12 A 12578 BC Cock.  This is a son of our foundation Colin Walker Janssen hen the “Stamvadesse” who is the dam of our 2nd place winner in the World Ace Challenge a few years ago.  The sire of “578” is a cock I call the “1300” a very good racer in the Texas Gusher series, sire to winners and a grandson of my “Diamond Pair,” Vegas Trouble and Z-Nymphe.  This is the blend that Hank Vernazza told me to do.  Take the Zazueta Vernazza blood back to top Janssens.  It seems to be working very well, as that is the same combination that produced “Just Call Me Ed.”  


6. AU 12 A 12271 BC Hen.  Excellent racer! Flown in GHC, Florida for me by my friend Mike Cortes.  She was 14x in clock versus an average of 1476 birds, winning a number of top prizes to 252 miles.  This is a speed pigeon and when I have blended this blood onto my Jozef Boeman (De Rauw Sablon) and Zazueta Vernazza blood it has produced some exceptional results.  She is a very strong bodied pigeon well proven in large competition and she will add speed to whatever she’s blended with.  


7. AU 13 A 13179 BC hen.  I’ve earmarked this bird since early last year for this auction.  She is a beautiful daughter of my famous “Chocolate Bar Pair.”   This makes her a full sister to “Classic Boy” and “White Eyes” and a growing list of top breeding pigeons around the country.  It seems that the “Chocolate Bar Pair” needs little introduction.  The family has been producing super results.  This hen is a dandy and she looks a lot like her good brother “White Eyes” who sired an AU Hall of Fame Qualifier in 2013 Old Birds.  


8. AU 12 A 12390 BB Cock. “Frank Link Jr.” 100% Devriendt.  He is a very nice handling specimen, and line bred to the famous “Link Pair” Devriendts that have bred so many good birds around the country.  The “Link Pair” sire was a son of the famous “Striker” and the Link Pair hen was a daughter of Striker’s famous brother, “Mr. Magoo.”  These Devriendts are hard core long distance pigeons and they have been consistently at the top on distance events for many, many years.  When blended onto the Vernazzas or Janssens they can make some serious futurity pigeons.  This one is a dandy.   


9. AU 13 A 13576 BC Cock.  Linebred “Vegas Trouble” my #1 Zazueta Vernazza foundation cock. A full brother to “576” was an AU Qualified Ace racing for Bobby Devorsky in Texas, 2013 YB.  This bird is closely related to “Just Call Me Ed.” His sire, 1018, is a full brother to the sire of “Just Call Me Ed” and his dam is a top daughter of “Vegas Trouble” when “Vegas” was paired to Bobby Devorsky’s foundation hen “Devorsky’s Dream,” a hen Bobby claims is the best breeder he’s had in 35 years of racing. Top blood in this one, loaded with foundation pigeons.   


10. AU 12 A 12716 BB Hen.  Vervoort.  She is a very typey smallish hen daughter of My “Askson” who is proving to be a stud of a breeder cock for me.  He is an inbred son of the world famous “Aske” 1st Olympic Ace & 1st Ace of Belgium One Day Long Distance. This hen’s brothers and sisters are proving to be top breeders. One brother sired the best yb in Ian Davies loft in New Orleans, winning 3rd Champion Combine bird, another sister bred a top AU Qualified Ace in Nebraska in ’13 YB and her sire, Askson, bred the 1st Champion bird of the WACO RPC in Texas ’13 YB.  If you are looking for top Vervoort blood, this is it.  “Fieneke 5000” in pedigree 4x.    


11. AU 13 AA 41773 Blue Slate.  Camphius Janssen, bred by Roland Gutierrez and Dean Ledet from imported Bertie Camphius Janssens just brought into this country.  I love this hen!  She is a beautiful handling bird and is from a brother/sister pair down from Camphius’s best bird, his famous “501.” Berte Camphius just sold out completely in 2013 and Dean and Roland got one of his last groups sold to America.  Dean clocked one of them  5 consecutive weeks this past young bird season.  It is worth noting that the Camphius Janssens are one half of the equation in the formation of the Colin Walker Janssen family.  This is a super nice hen!  


12. AU 13 A 13464 Chocolate Cock.  This fantastic cock is a line-bred “Mosaic” who is the father to “Perseus” and grandfather to “Classic Boy.”  He is a fantastic physical specimen.  Sire is “Mr. Magnificent” double grandson to “Old Mosaic.”  Dam is “Chocolace” an AU Qualified Ace flown in Florida by Mike Cortes.   This pairing represents a very nice line-breeding to the cock that founded the male line of the Chocolate Bar Pair.   He is definitely a top physical specimen with great genes for future breeding and the much sought after chocolate coloring.  


13. AU 11 A 11434 BB Cock. “MAX.”  Line-bred Jozef Boeman.  I’ve been saving this cock for my breeding program, and might well regret parting with him, but I can’t keep every nice pigeon that I breed.  This is a magnificent cock!  He handles like his name.  He’s all there, and I have at least one brother and two sisters to him in my breeding program.  A full sister to him bred one of my money winners in the Midwest Convention race 2013.  These Boeman birds are clocking all over the country for me, especially when I blend them onto the Musketier/Schellen Van Riels.  This cock, in my opinion, is a “can’t miss” breeder.  I’ve never bred from him, but I am using two of his siblings and they are both breeding top birds for me.  These are long middle distance pigeons, perfect 300 to 400 milers.  


14. AU 13 A 13515 BB Cock. This bird is 100% Janssen.  He is a blend of the best of the Colin Walker Janssens with the great performance Simons Family Janssens of Holland and their famous “Diamond Merckz” blood.   Sire of this bird is “863” a grandson of the famous Australian champion Janssen “Braveheart.”  “863” is the maternal grandsire of “Just Call Me Ed.”  Mother of 515 is a Simons Family Janssen bred by my friend Jeff Smith, banded 11 AA 8502. Her paternal grandsire is Simons Family’s “Jonge Merckz” paired to a daughter of “Jeff” they produced the sire of “8502.”  Her dam is a grand-daughter of the famous “Emerald Pair.”   I can’t think that there is better, more proven Janssen blood anywhere.  He is a very strong cock.  


15. AU 13 A Renegades 55. BCwft Cock.  This is a bird from my good friend Mike Cortes of Brooksville, Florida.  Mike and his partner Cesar Zayas are responsible for putting together the famous “Chocolate Bar Pair” which I now own, and which bred the famous “Classic Boy.”  Mike still has a good group of birds from the sire’s side of “Classic Boy,” the “Old Mosaic” blood.  “Old Mosaic” was an imported Van Boxtel Janssen, and Mike has managed to hold onto a good group of these birds.  I asked him to put a special one in this auction to complement the other birds that I am putting in.  This bird is line-bred “Old Mosaic” as his dam is a daughter and his sire is a grandson.  Very good middle distance blood that crosses great on the Andromeda family.  


16. AU 13 A 13539 Blue wft hen.  This is a direct daughter of my foundation Musketier cock “Artemus.”  She is a full sister to the best young bird I produced in 2012, flown in Florida by Mike Cortes, a bird I call “The Artmarc.”  Dam is “Marcelle Muskette” who was a good racer for me in Joe Zack’s loft in New Jersey, winning 8th MAO 200mi, and 21st MAO 300 miles.  In her first breeding season “Marcelle” produced one of the best young birds we’ve flown in recent years. 539 is a beautiful hen, directly out of “Artemus” who is making history in my loft as one of the best breeders I have ever owned.  Unique opportunity here, because “Artemus” is having trouble filling his eggs lately.  


17. AU 12 A 12391 BB Cock. “Frank Link II” 100% Devriendt.  He is the nestmate brother to the #8 bird in this auction.  Also a very nice handling pigeon, he is line bred to the famous “Link Pair” Devriendts that have bred so many good birds around the country.  The “Link Pair” sire was a son of the famous “Striker” and the Link Pair hen was a daughter of Striker’s famous brother, “Mr. Magoo.”  I’ve been using the Devriendts as a cross to my other families for some time and that has stood me in good stead, as again this year the Devriendt combo produced a money winner for me in the World Ace Challenge series.  


18. AU 13 A 13627 BC Cock. Mostly Zazueta Vernazza lineage.  Very nice cock.  His sire is a son of “Super 36” the foundation hen of my “Andromeda” strain, and so a half-brother to “Andromeda” “EC 55” and “Super 342.”  Dam is “Miss Dark Eyes” a very nice Zazueta Vernazza hen whose pedigree is loaded with the best of Zazueta’s fantastic family of Vernazza based pigeons.  This bird would go quite well on the 100% Janssens or the Devriendts.  


19. AU 13 A 13532 BB hen. One of my best young sons of “Super 36” is a bird I call “ZAT.”  He is a 2011 cock, but already putting an impressive resume together in the breeding loft. “ZAT’s” sire is a half-brother to “Vegas Trouble” and a very good breeder himself, a bird I call “Lost and Found.”  This hen is a daughter of “ZAT.”  Dam is “SIS” a hen I purchased from Jeff Smith, full sister to Jeff’s “4 Starzz Dream” winner of 1st Sun City South Africa and $226,000.00.  Very impressive producers in this pedigree, and a light combination of top Zazueta Vernazza and Calia blood.  A very nice hen.  


20. AU 13 AA 41708 BC Hen.  Camphius Janssen bred by Dean Ledet and Roland Gutierrez.  This hen emanates from one of the last groups of birds sold from Camphius’ breeders before his entire colony sold to China.  She handles like a dream and has that definite “Janssen look.   The Camphius Janssens have been winning in Europe and over much of the world for decades.  This hen is line-bred to the famous “05” line through “Wonderboy 05.”  This “05” blood is also at the base of one line of the Colin Walker Janssens.  This hen is very, very nice.  


21. AU 13 A 13669 Chocolate Bar Cock.  This is a special one.  Here I blend my inbred son of “Classic Boy” the bird I call “Boy One” to the hen I call “Money Princess” a grand- daughter of “Classic Boy” so this young cock represents heavy line-breeding to “Classic Boy. “Money Princess” is a full sister to the 1st place winner of the 2012 Canadian International One Loft Futurity.  He is very young, but already very impressive, and carries a strong dose of the great “Classic Boy” in his veins.  


22. AU 13 A 13524 DCpdwft.  Debieve.   This cock is a fine physical specimen, son of a cock I call “Kilaminjaro” as he is closely related to the South Africa winning Debieve blood.  Dam was a successful racer in New Jersey direct daughter of a great breeder cock called “Driebander 734.” Anyone seriously interested in top Debieve blood should seriously look into this bird.  He has the best of my original Debieve blood running in his veins.  Many top futurity winners in background.  


23. AU 12 A 12272 DCwft Cock.  He could adequately be called “Rambo” because he handles like one.  When I blend my Schellens blood for speed and it is successful, I get a pigeon like this one. He is a monster.  He was raced in the GHC in Florida by my friend Mike Cortes.  Before he was attacked by a hawk he was nearly unbeatable, with a coefficient of 1.559% versus an average of over 1100 birds in his best four races.  He won 1/1180-203miles, 4/1261-85 miles, 32/1065-252miles, 35/1169-113 miles.  A hawk attacked him one morning during training and he never was quite the same since, so we’ve retired him.  If you like top proven racers and need speed “times four” here’s your man.  He’d be worth the trip just to handle him.  He is the nest-mate brother to the #6 bird in this auction.  I’d say that was a successful pairing.  Put him on a Jozef Boeman hen and watch the sparks fly.  


24. AU 13 A 13552 BC Hen.  Here, the Zazueta Vernazza blood is blended back with a light dose of the best of the old Calia “Diamond Cock” and the South Africa winning Debieve blood in this bird.  Since this is also a live auction in Northern California where the races can be tough, I’ve tried to bring pigeons that can handle this course.  Here’s one I think will fit the bill.  Very nice in the hand, and carries the best of the old blood that has won over the mountains in Northern California for generations.  Sire is “Mr. Consistent” and his names says it all, a very consistent racer mostly from 300 to 450 miles.  Dam is a half-sister to the bird that won 1st in the Martinez Classic 400 mile race some years ago for me in John Bellandi’s loft.  Look hard at this one.  


25. AU 13 RENEGADES 1. Chocolate check wft hen.  This is a beautiful young hen bred by my good friends Mike Cortes and Cesar Zayas who bred “Classic Boy” to win the Gulf Coast Classic in 2009. This young hen is a grand-daughter to their foundation cock, the “Old Mosaic,” who is also the grandsire to “Classic Boy.”  The grand-dam on the dam’s side is “Princess,” super-daughter to “Classic Boy” who produced 1st place in the Canadian International OLR and is full sister to 8th in Sun City South Africa.  This beauty is line-bred “Old Mosaic” with performance pigeons throughout.  


26. AU 13 A 13548 Bpd H.  Here is another full sister to “Just Call Me Ed.”  The “Ed” cock, flown by Joyce Stierlin, was 1st Ace Pigeon of all California Long Distance, 2nd Ace Pigeon all California All Distance, and finished among the top dozen or so pigeons in the nation in the AU Hall of Fame Yearling category.  This is a full sister to that cock.  Sire is “SS 238” a son of our great breeding hen “EC 55” full sister to “Andromeda.”  Dam is “Joelynn” a 100% Colin Walker Janssen grand-daughter of the famous “Incredible Miss.”   I don’t think I need to say more.  



27. AU 13 A 13697 Blue slate Cock.  100% Colin Walker Janssen.  Most of you know that I recently brought in an entire group of the fabulous Colin Walker Janssens. Because of setbacks in Australia I did not take possession of them until late spring.   I finally got them producing young for me in September and October.  This young cock is one of the first youngsters produced, so he is probably old enough to handle the rigors of a live auction.  He is heavily line-bred to the best of Colin’s pigeons, which go back to some of the best Janssen blood that has ever flown.  Very nice cock.  


28. AU 13 A 13545 Bpenwft Cock.  Hank Vernazza told me years ago to “follow the results” in my breeding program.  I have come to agree with him.  Top results bring more top results.  This is a pairing that produces top results.  Sire is “Supervader II”  son of our foundation Schellens hen “Super Queen.”  Dam is “Chapote” a very successful daughter of the super pair “Artemus/Miss Artesian.”  Speed kills, and also wins races.  A proper blending of speed with distance ability is what brings about the super top results.  My advice: Pair this one to a Sablon hen or to a Vernazza hen.  That combo has produced quite a few money winners for us over the years.  Birds bred like 545 have been deadly for us in Florida and New Jersey.  


29. AU 12 A 12736 Chocolate Check Hen.  “Choco Girl.” Bred “almost” like “Classic Boy.”  Her sire is “Perseus” sire of “Classic Boy” and her dam is a hen I call “Patsie” who was an AU Qualified Ace and 2x Combine winner for me.  She is a daughter of “Super 342,” nest-mate sister to “Andromeda.”  Patise’s sire is a full brother to “Miss Artesian” 1st Ace Pigeon North America RPD, 2005.  A full sister to “Choco Girl,” banded 12049 became an AU Qualified Ace in Florida and won 2/2169 birds at 306 miles among 7 other top positions.  I photograph my own pigeons and I’ve learned over the years that the really, really smart pigeons can figure out where they are and how to get out of the box in seconds.  This hen was almost impossible to photograph because she was constantly coming over the camera.  That shows me an extreme amount of intelligence and determination.  


30. AU 13 BAYOU 3081 BC hen.  100% Camphius Janssen. This fine young hen was bred and flown by my friend Dean Ledet (who works in the booth with me at conventions.)  Dean flew this hen on his race team and she was on the 1st drop on every race she flew up to 390 miles!  Her pedigree shows the famous “05” in the background, same blood as the background some of the Colin Walker Janssens.  If you are looking for a race proven 100% Janssen hen, here’s your girl and she is a dandy.  


31. AU 13 A 13702 BC Hen.  Double grand-daughter of “Vegas Trouble.”  “Vegas” was the #1 statistical breeder on my property for a number of years, so the logical thing to do when the foundation cock is no longer fertile… breed his children together.  I’ve done pairings like this before and produced some top breeders.  An interesting side note here is that the dam to this bird is a full sister to my “Super 36” mother of “Andromeda,” “EC 55,” “Super 342” and “Hayden Lady” all top breeders for me.  So there is also close relation to the “Andromeda” blood here as well.  This is a very nice hen.  


32. AU 13 A 13708 BB cock.  I’ve saved this one for this auction.  He is 100% Zazueta Vernazza going back to the best of the best of Armand Zazueta’s fantastic family of birds.  Sire is “Z-507” flown in Texas by my friend Bobby Devorsky.  “507” was the #2 All Distance Old Bird in the state of Texas in 2012, with a coefficient of 1.442% flying from 269 to 491 miles.  He also qualified as the 28th National AU Hall of Fame Yearling.  The dam of 708 is a line-bred “Super-Z” hen. “Super-Z” was one of Zazueta’s all-time best cocks.  She is dam to date of: 2x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd, 8th,9th,10th & 11th to 435 miles. This young cock is also line-bred to the great “Super-Z” and will make an excellent breeder.  “Just for you, California.”  
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